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Christ Church Ainsworth


Sunday School: there appears to have been a misunderstanding about Sunday School. It is not closing and the next one will be on 3rd March, as originally planned. However, we will start and finish in Church, with the children leaving you and being escorted down to the Church Hall during the early part of the service.


Church Flowers: we need a volunteer to take over arranging the Church flowers. Please contact the Vicar if you are interested in taking on this important role


Churchyard: a summary of the rules governing the items that may be placed on graves within our churchyard can be found here. A glance around the churchyard suggests that some people tending graves are unfamiliar with these rules. Please be aware that the Church has a legal duty to remove non-compliant items from graves but, obviously, it is far better if people remove such items themselves. So, if this applies to you, please can you do this as soon as possible as the process to remove non-compliant items begins on 25th April.


Ainsworth Parish Church Mothers Union: Meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the Ainsworth Church and Community Hall. Meetings commence at 7.30pm. Everyone welcome.

Branch Contact - Jean Eddleston (0161 761 2147)


Choir: if you enjoy singing, why not join our choir? New members, including juniors, are always welcome. To find out more, pop into the choir vestry one Sunday morning before the 10.30am service.


And this video by the Bible Society presents some really Good News!

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