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Christ Church Ainsworth

Season of Remembrance

November is traditionally a time of remembering, when we would normally gather in church to think about those we have loved but see no longer and those who have died or been injured in active service.

But this year, we are doing things differently, and although it is different, it does not mean that we will not still be remembering them. So, here at Christ Church we are offering the following to help you:

  • Everyone is welcome to bring a stone or a poppy cross in memory of a loved one and place it on our ‘Cairn of Remembrance’, which is at the corner of the church nearest the flagpole.
  • On 1st November we held a special service of remembering for those who wish to remember departed loved ones. A recording can be found here).

We hope you can experience the love and peace of God at this special time of year.

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