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Christ Church Ainsworth

Our Churchyard

Jesus said, 'I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.’ John 11:25-26


Our churchyard is a place of tranquillity. All are welcome to wander in, take a seat and sit awhile, or simply just wander around. There are certainly some interesting gravestones to be discovered. Just be a bit careful though; the old, flat gravestones can sometimes be slippery!

All we ask is that visitors are mindful that the churchyard is a place of Christian burial. There are often folk visiting to tend the graves of loved ones.

As consecrated ground, the churchyard reflects the sure and certain hope that those buried within it await the return of Jesus Christ, and the life that is to come. All visitors are asked to act appropriately.

Churchyard Team

A team of volunteers meets on Wednesday mornings (9.30am- 12 Noon) to cut the grass and keep the churchyard tidy. New volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in helping, just turn up.

The Team also offer two services:

1. Monthly cleaning of the gravestone at £30 per annum

2. Monthly cleaning of the gravestone; placement of flowers each month

    for 10 months and a festive wreath for the Christmas Period, at a cost

    of £200 per annum.

If you wish to use either service, please contact Jan Hayes (Mobile: 07895 033736; email lesjan86@btinternet.com).  Cheques payable to Christ Church Ainsworth PCC; bank transfer available on request. Payment by 1st January (or pro-rata for part of the year)


There is still space for burials in our churchyard.

New graves for either the burial of a body or cremated remains are limited to people who: die in the parish; were ordinarily resident in the Parish of Ainsworth immediately prior to death; or there is evidence they have been on the Electoral Roll for Christ Church during their lifetime.

For burial in existing graves and ashes plots, eligibility is extended to include close relatives, no matter where they lived.


The Vicar is responsible for deciding the location of new graves. There is no right to burial in any particular spot.

Because the churchyard is consecrated ground, whenever a deceased person is buried, or their cremated remains interred, it is assumed that the place of burial is intended to be their final resting place.


Memorials cannot be introduced into a churchyard wthout the Vicar's written permission or, in some cases, the permission of the Chancellor of the Diocese. It is unlawful to introduce a memorial into the churchyard without permission.

There are detailed provisions as to the size, materials, position, appearance and inscriptions on memorials. The Vicar can advise on these.

Additional inscriptions also require permission.

In both case a statutory fee is payable. Click here for details.

Monumental masons are familiar with the application process. It is inadvisable to order or purchase a memorial before permission has been granted.

The heir of the person commemorated on a memorial has the duty to maintain it and the legal liability for its safety.

Garden of Remembrance

We also have Garden of Remembrance where cremated remains can be buried. Individual memorials are not allowed, but we have a stone on which the names of all those buried in the Garden can be inscribed.

There are no restrictions regarding whose cremated remains may be buried there.


Because the churchyard is consecrated ground, legally it falls under the jurisdiction of the Bishop, exercised through the Chancellor (the ecclesiastical judge for the Diocese). From time to time, the Chancellor issues regulations regarding the management of churchyards, and we are obliged to comply with them.

Under the regulations, there are strict restrictions in force regarding the items that may be placed on graves.

Freshly cut flowers are allowed, as are Christmas and Poppy wreaths in season. It is also permissible to plant bulbs and flowers (but not flowering shrubs or bushes).

The following are prohibited:

  • Artificial flowers;
  • Shrubs, bushes and trees;
  • Lighting of any kind;
  • Toys, photographs, balloons, and other sentimental items (including seasonal decorations).
  • Kerbs, railings, fencing or chipping (except in very limited circumstances and with prior permission only).

Under the regulations, the Church has the legal obligation to remove non-compliant items from graves, and will do so.

It is unlawful to scatter or bury cremated remains within the churchyard without permission.

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